Services Offered

Onsite Recording - I have a mobile recording rig and can record you in your practice space, home, apartment, garage, etc. I find this makes people feel more at ease with the recording process which translates to better performances and better recordings. I can do one track at a time, or a full band performance.

Mixing - If you've already recorded some tracks in a studio or your bedroom, I can mix them. I have a professionally treated room with all the bells and whistles of what I need to make you sound great.

My Ideal Client

If any of these don't sound like you, we might not be a good fit for one another.

Wants To Record or Mix an entire album - This could be for either self release, or for pitching to labels.

Is Dependable and Organized - You expect this of me, and a good working relationship is two-way.

Is Not In a Rush - Good things take time. Second to the musician, I am the person responsible for making you sound excellent. We should be patient and honor your music so that it shines in the best possible light.

Is Local - Not a deal breaker, but ideal if you're in Seattle so we can work more closely with one another.

Is Willing To Experiment - This is art, not paint by numbers.

Is Excited and Proud of Their Work - You're going to sound better when you are pumped about your music. Enthusiasm makes for better recordings and just better people to be around.

Is a Respectful Person - Just don't be a bunghole pls.

Writes and Performs Music I dig - In addition to a higher likelihood of us having similar stylistic and aesthetic choices, it's just more fun this way.

Examples of My Work



Engineering, mixing


Writing, producing, performing, engineering, mixing, mastering


Like the earth used to be, my rates are flat.

Recording - $225/session. Not exceeding 5 hours.

Mixing - $120/song

What My Rate Includes

A Mixing Project - I assume all tracks have been edited, organized, and any vocal tuning is already done. Once final payment has been made, I'll deliver your mixed tracks in a lossless file format so that they are ready for the mastering process.

Revisions - Two rounds of revisions are included with no extra charge.

A Recording Project - I bring my microphone kit, computer, and recording interface to you. I'll bounce your tracks raw so that they are ready for mixing.