Pet Sitting

Peep this map - This gives you a good lay of the land around our place. Convenience stores, cafes, donuts, our vet, pet store, etc. 

Keys- Bring them everywhere with you! There are a lot of doors and gates around the building, and therefore plenty of opportunities to get locked out.  The larger key works for the gates, doors to the building, and trash. The smaller key is just for our front and back door.

Plants - Please open all the blinds during the day, and close them at night. They won't need to be watered.

TV - The Sony remote will operate anything. To turn on the reciever, press the AMP button and then the green Power button. To turn on the TV, press the green TV button. There's TV over the air, an AppleTV, and a Blu Ray player. The Sony remote's Input button selects the input. Since the TV is a plasma, it's susceptible to burn in so try not to leave static images on there for very long. The AppleTV screen saver is a good remedy for that (just keep hitting the ATV remote "Menu" button until the screen saver turns on). We have Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, and Plex (movies we downloaded). You're free to use any of those.

Cleaning Supplies- If you need anything, what we have is stored underneath the sink.

Coffee - Coffee is easily available at Harry's, Top Pot, or Barjot, but we do have a pourover Chemex method you're welcome to use.  This is a great guide for making pourover.


Stereo - As long as the source stays on Video 1, you should be able to hear anything you're watching on TV.

Records - They are all stored in the large steel and wood consoles in the living and dining room. Turn on the phono preamp below the receiver (small grey box), switch the receiver input to CD/Aux and you're in business.  

Wifi - The network is called Mr Gerbik, and the pass is "blueflowers"

Heat - In each of the rooms there are small in-wall heaters you can use. Just turn the knob right to turn them on, left to turn them off. Remember to turn them off if you leave room for a long time or leave the house pls.

Towels - Bath towels are located in the linen closet across from the bathroom.

Coffee Table - Sorry but our coffee table shows liquid and scratches very easily. Please be extra careful with food and drink. Please use placemats and coasters.

Jammin - There's an acoustic guitar if you want to lay down some licks.

Trash - You can take any garbage or recycle to the dumpsters located on the west side of the building. BRING YOUR KEYS or you will be a very sad panda when you get locked out. To get there, exit our building's front door and take the footpath to the left and down the stairs. When you get to the alley, turn left, and the 3rd (or so) gate on your left, just past the garages is a garbage "room". Use the building key to get in there. The gate will lock itself when it closes.


Food - She eats one cup of food twice daily at 7am and 6pm. Food is located in the kitchen underneath the butcher block. She likes the water so make sure she's always got plenty of it.

Poop n' Pee- She likes to go on Mercer between Bellevue Ave and Summit on the N side of the st. There's a little dirt mound she likes. Usually around 7am and before bed (10-11pm). If she has to go she might sit and stare at you, sometimes pawing at the sofa.

Sleep - She sleeps in her crate at night. She usually sleeps between 11-7.

She Wet - If she gets wet, please dry her with a towel, including her ears.

Alone Time - If you have to leave the place, please leave a light on for her. She also likes Create (Channel 9-3) because she loves cooking and travel and woodworking.

Supplies - Treats, bully sticks, poop bags, brushes, etc. are all located in the kitchen cabinet between the stove and back door.

Love - She loves belly scratches, tug of war, and really any kind of play. 

Jared- 480 457 9103 / jmpace @ gmail

Hilary - 312 804 3023 / hilary.linneweh @ gmail

If you need anything, please don't hesitate to call or text anytime. We will always welcome any photos or videos you want to send to us as we do miss Millie quite easily. :)