Project Manager & Scrum Master

Aug 2015 - Present
Seattle, WA

StratusGrid is a cloud architecture company who develops and deploys hybrid cloud solutions. Partnering with companies, we supply everything from greenfield infrastructure deployment and migration from on-prem datacenters. Our work enables people to create the things they want to see in the world.

  • While there I managed all client projects from initial discussions to cutover including overseeing budgets, timeline forecasting, milestone and project goal identification, and responsible change management.
  • I was responsible for leading both the Cloud Solutions, and Leadership teams. In addition to managing the day-to-day activities of my teams, I provided support to Leadership in the capacity of business strategy, brand identity, and marketing. This resulted in the identification and establishment of our most profitable product vertical - healthcare IT.
  • Served as the Agile Coach/Scrum Master to transform the organization to Agile. The responsibility was to lead, help, and grow the teams’ capabilities in Agile by building a strong expertise in Lean techniques and practices. Teams now deliver work more quickly to more satisfied customers, and have a reliable process which reduces operational overhead and delivers products and value more often.
  • Deployed an Agile tracking and management tool (Jira) to our cloud solutions and leadership teams. This included working with stakeholders to gather requirements, building workflows, testing and support of the rollout. Alongside the team's adoption of Agile, this migration has increased the visibility of the progress teams were making, streamlined our work to promote value, and automated our processes, and provided easy process and tool integration with client devops and CI/CD workflows.
  • Rolled out a support system which included a self-help portal, knowledgebase, ticketing and telephony system.
  • Facilitated the creation of the team's definition of done, working agreements, and an operating manual. These three dictums codified our team’s vision, enhanced trust, and enhanced transparency to our clients resulting in both improved client and employee experiences.
  • Held a number of Scrum and Kanban workshops and retrospectives.
  • As a result of this great teamwork, our most recent client hired a top-tier penetration testing firm who revealed that they “are impervious to a technical attacker" and that "the only way to penetrate the environment would be just shy of a country-sponsored attack.”

Studio Operations Director & Project Manager

Jan 2013 - Nov 2014
Chicago, IL

Simple.Honest.Work is a design and technology studio. We created simple, modern, and state of the art solutions for  Nike, Unicef, Designing Obama, Fast Company, Scanadu, Zee Aero, Every Voice, New Partners, New America, and many more. Acute organization skills, attention to detail, collaboration, individual focus, and dedication to the vision helped me run a successful studio. 

  • During my time at Simple.Honest. Work I managed client projects for website design and development, branding, and creative strategy.
  • Providing quality assurance and design feedback, I helped create what became the Brand Deck - a strategy/game deck that organizations use for self-discovery.
  • Designed and helped build our 4000 sq. ft. office space. Always inspired by our brand narrative, I frequently used tools like the golden ratio, the fibonacci sequence, kaizen, user experience basics, and the teachings of Donald Norman. Based on feedback from my team, I continuously iterated on the space design and made adjustments where necessary.
  • Supported the studio for 3 companies (Simple.Honest.Work., The Noun Project, and El El See).
  • Managed bookings, payments, and interviews for our co-working space.
  • Through the use of user personas, I led user research that informed strategic design and development.
  • Created original music and voice over for Fast Company's channel, Co.Labs. teaser.
  • Working with stakeholders, I created and maintained the studio budget.
  • Provided payroll for our employees.
  • Interviewed and hired employees. My best hire being Rachael McHan, who went on to create our robotics lab.
  • Through systematic maintenance and fulfillment of the studio's entire inventory, I ensured our work would not be held back by anything.


Longman & Eagle
Dec 2009 - Jan 2013
Chicago, IL

As part of the family that started Longman & Eagle in 2009, I have been responsible for shaping the restaurant into a six-time Michelin Star award winning restaurant and hotel. I followed a holistic and thorough approach to guest satisfaction through detailed attention and commitment to steps of service.

Certifications & Accredidations

AWS Certified Solutions Architect
Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)
AWS Business Professional

Bachelor's degree in English Linguistics
Arizona State University, 2009