Rock Creek Seafood - Basically the whole menu is seafood! Super on point food wise. Hilary and I always go here for our seafood fix. Brunch is bangin too.

Talullah's - This reminds me of Lula Cafe. Cool interior space, Negroni Sbagliatos on tap, wide variety of proteins and lots of veg to choose from.

Fogon - I wouldn't be alive without this place. Better than average Mexican food kinda "upgraded", insane happy hour menu (you can FEAST for like $25). Right on Pine in Cap Hill. Good people watching too. Pup friendly.

Ba Bar - Hilary and I leaned on this place pretty hard when we first moved here. Excellent vietnamese cuisine, fair prices, great drinks, cool atmosphere (Saigon psych-rock).

Il Corvo - A must stop for you pasta lovers. They only serve 3 pastas each day + a salad and melt-in-your-mouth focaccia. Open for lunch only. Very popular. Expect a line, yo.

Taylor Shellfish - This is one of the top local purveyors of shellfish in the PNW. This spot next to Melrose Market has a C.Y.O. (choose your adventure) thing happening. Pick your lunch/dinner out of the many tanks and they prepare it for you. If you really want to get down, check out the geoduck. :p

Cafe Barjot - Right next to my pad, this little neighborhood spot serves it up! Much higher quality food and pastries than one would expect from a tiny little neighborhood joint. Ever changing menu, super nice staff, outdoor seating, cocktails. What more could one want?

Manolin - How could I leave you out? Everything about you is so perfect. Dream seafood spot with a beautiful indoor/outdoor dining room. Perf for soaking up all that Seattle sun! Named BA's Best New Restaraunt 2015.

Analog Coffee - Close to my pad, chill vibe, good jams, lots of people watching and pups. Good coffee and esp. pour overs

Kedai Makan - Excellent Malaysian food. Literally everything I've eaten here was top shelf.

Le Pichet - Very cool and casual french cafe near Pike Place Market. Get your smoothed-out meat on! Fair prices.

Marination Ma Kai - Awesome chill Hawaiian spot in West Seattle. Pork. Katsu. Burger. Kimchi fried rice! Redic view from the patio. Plus you can rent Kayaks right next door and float around the Sound after lunch. Just go pee pee first!

Salare - Great for a "fancy" dinner out. Excellent higher-end food & drink, awesome service, voted Food and Wine Best New Chef 2016.

Westward - Insane patio with chill-ass adirondack chairs overlooking South Lake Union. Come for happy hour, kick it in the sunshine, drink some bubbly, have some oysters. Forget all your worries, forget all your cares.

Walrus and the Carpenter - If you got a few bones to spare, you kinda have to visit this nationally-recognized, iconic Ballard spot. Very seafood focused, and insane everything.

Sitka and Spruce - The food is as pretty as it is creative and adventurous. Suuuper dope. Drinks are ace too. James Beard award winning spot.

Pike Place Chowder Co. - You know you want chowder. This place has a few different selections (seafood bisque my fav), and the option to eat from a bread bowl. WINNER!

Linda's. - If you're on your Kurt Cobain tour, you'll want to stop in at the last place he was seen alive, you morbid fart. Srsly tho, solid food, a big drink list, and dog friendly atmosphere means this ish has a gold star.

Slate Coffee Bar. - Last but def not least. My absolute fav coffee in the city. Perfectly roasted, flawlessly prepared. Check the flight. Right around the corner from Il Corvo in Pioneer Square, also orig. (better) location in Ballard. Really great service and people too.


Sun Liquors - Very solid drinks with knowledgeable bartenders, good food, and a casual atmosphere. First Tuesdays are tiki night!

Foreign National - Is the world just a little too bright? This dark, sultry spot is just what you need. Really creative menu with bartenders of perfection and RAD asian snacks from the restaurant next door (Stateside). 6 stars.

Pennyroyal - If you're still on your Kurt Cobain tour, check this place out. Opened last year, so he was never here, but it's called Pennyroyal and attached to a cool hotel with some rad paintings in the lobby. Awesome menu, shareable punches, homemade elixirs, several selections of gin and tonics, and amazing food from next door.

Canon - "Whiskey and bitters emporium." They claim to have the western hemisphere's largest sprit collection @ 3500 bottles! Must try if you drink brown spirits.

Needle and Thread - Hoooly cow! Enter through the downstairs restaurant by picking up the old timey phone next to the bank vault door. This place doesn't even have menus. The bartenders just grill you on what you dig and then work something up for you. Don't forget your wallet on this one, but worth it IMO.

The Stumbling Monk - Duchesse De Bourgogne on tap?! Sign me the heck up! Big Belgian and esoteric beers on the menu. Tiny little place, cozy and casual, board games, and fairly priced.

Road Trip! 🤘🏼

Hama Hama Oyster Co. - Beautiful drive on the Olympic Peninsula near where they filmed Twilight - so it's kinda spooky. Hama Hama is a good stopping point on your journey. Excellent grilled and raw oysters. Free hot chocolate when it's cold out! 

Olympic National Park - Super beautiful out here. Fern rainforest, lakes, cute little towns that chill pie on their open window, if you keep driving you hit the coast. Ahh, the coast. 

WTA - Washington Trails Association. This is your gold standard web guide for finding hikes around here... and there are thousands.

Mt. Ranier - Your hand outstretched is not quite long enough to reach it, but there is some gorgeous country out there. Worth the drive.

Bainbridge Island- Easily the most popular and closest island to Seattle. Short and beautiful ferry ride out there with excellent city views. Small town with some ice cream shops, a tiny downtown that begs to be strolled in, and plentiful hikes.

Wine- You know we have WINE out here right? Here are some of the better wineries in the area. Waters, Kevin White, WT Vintners, Savage Grace, Aumarice, Va Piano, Long Shadows, Gorman, Sparkman, Januik, 
Dunham, Quilted Creek, Fall Line, Maison Bleue, Reynvaan, Delille. Most of these places have tours.

Mystery Coke Machine - This one's easy. In Capitol Hill. Nobody knows who stocks this soda machine. So far nobody has died from drinking the soda either. So that's a plus.

Edison - Really quaint small town about 45 minutes north of Seattle. Tiny downtown with good food (and even a laid back diner). The drive on Bayview Edison Road is stunning. Right along the coast, beautiful floral farmland. This is also the area they have the Tulip Festival each year.

Orcas Island - Very worth the ferry ride from Anacortes. This is Orca country! Rural, no nonsense vibe, wilderness very appreciated out here. You might even meet a deer or three so be careful on the road. Cascade Lake is the perfect place to set up 'tube and chill for the day/week/month.

Victoria, B.C. - Just 1.5 hours from downtown Seattle on the Clipper and you're in Canada! Butchart Gardens, high tea at the Empress Hotel. You might even just want to stay here. 

Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest - SOO many good hikes out here in the North Cascades. Gorgeous scenery, and there's Leavenworth - a goofy but near germantown. Don't ask me why it's out here tho. This is also where you can pick Morels if you're here in March or in the Autumn.


Barboza & Nuemos- Great Capitol Hill spots in the same building. Always a solid lineup of bands. Here we've seen Mew, Wye Oak, Chelsea Wolfe, and Charles Bradley. Do yourself a flavor and check out the iconic Seattle Dog stand right outside.

The Showbox- Good sized venue for with two locations and an always solid lineup. Here we've seen Failure, At The Drive-In, Swans, and Purity Ring.

The Moore Theater- Big beautiful venue with stadium style seating. It's right across from Pennyroyal, so good location too. We've seen Courtney Barnett here.

Kremwerk- Seattle has a crazy good late night electronic music scene. This is one of the most popular spots to break your legs.

Motor- This is one of Seattle's strongest electronic event series, bringing in international acts and upping the ante, hard, for curated shows. One Thursday a month.

Neptune Theater- Despite us only being here twice, it is my favorite theater. Sound and atmosphere, it feels a bit like Chicago's Lincoln Hall. Seen here: Destroyer and Phantogram.

Stuff 2  Do

Underground Seattle- Seattle is a city on a city. Crazy, right?! This spooky tour takes you underground Pioneer Square to show you what it was like.

Seattle Center- There's a ton to do here from the Space Needle, to KEXP's awesome studio, to La Marzocco's only cafe in the world, SIFF Cinema, EMP Museum, Pacific Science Center, skate park, Sky Church...

Seattle City Pass- A darn good deal if you are planning on doing more than a couple touristy things. You can choose 5 of Seattle's attractions for only $74.

Volunteer Park- Big ass park with a community maintained rose garden, water tower (you can go up), water reservoir, free Asian Art Museum, ducks, and a conservatory. Also there's a very good cafe in a ridiculously picturesque location. Bruce and Brandon Lee are also buried here in the cemetery (it's on Google Maps). A lot of people come here with blankets and just chill.

Pinball Museum- Respectable collection of pinball games lined up chronologically. And they serve beer too!

Constellation & Co. - A letterpress stationery company and gift shop in the Seattle Fishermen’s Terminal. Classes & workshops too!

Living Computer Museum- The meaningful milestones in the evolution of computers and how people use them. The collection was assembled by Microsoft cofounder Paul G. Allen as a way to preserve the history that put him and Bill Gates on the path to founding Microsoft. Very cool & delicious BBQ across the st.

Discovery Park- Huge beautiful park with well maintained walking paths and stunning views of the Sound. Biggest best park in the city.

Pike Place Market- You should just go. Beecher's Cheese is rad (grilled mac and cheese sando, anyone?!) nice views of the Sound while you try to read 1Q84. Wander through the market for flowers, fruit, or fresh seafood. You can't skip the epic Gum Wall either.


My recommendation is to stay in Capitol Hill. There is a lot to do within walking distance so you don't have to Uber everywhere. Chill, downhill walk to Pike Place Market from 'The Hill too.

AirBnB- This is probably your most flexible option. There are even AirBnBs rentals on houseboats! Sleepless in Seattle, yo!

Inn at the Market - If you can't stand being far away from Pike Place Market, there's this joint.

The Palladian - If money was no object, this is how I would decorate my home.

Kimpton Hotel Vintage Seattle - Right upstairs from Shaker & Spear and Pennyroyal, this pet friendly place is in a good location for walking around. Really close to Cinerama, The Moore Theater, and Pike Place Market.