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Good is a music project of mine that raises money for charities and humanitarian relief efforts. Partnering with artists and engineers, I release singles on a regular basis with a flexible donation range. 100% of the profits from all digital sales go directly to philanthropic efforts.

The music industry is flawed. I'm not trying to fix it, I am just trying to something good.

Strategy, design, music, partnerships




Adana is a Japanese restaurant in Seattle. They were in need of some updated brand collateral. I worked with them to create new business cards, discount cards, wooden drink tokens, and all new menus. The result is refreshed brand collateral that is modern, crisp, and simple - echoing the traits of the restaurant and chef/owner Shota Nakajima's philosophy.

Design, strategy, consultation, printing


Carol Blackard

Carol Blackard is a nature wildlife and landscape photographer. We partnered together to build a storefront where digital downloads and prints could be sold. Her photography is stunning, and she is always adding content so I used the Shopify platform for a comfortable and flexible CMS, sales analytics, and easy payment processing.

Design, development, business strategy, SEO


Stan Hall - Alaska

Stan Hall's an exceptionally talented musician who plays banjo in the clawhammer style. He created a record that captures the essence of his youth, with lyrical wisdom of someone 4 times his age. We decided on a simple approach, as he prefers to track everything in one take. So with a simple two mic setup we were able to capture the lucidity of his live playing style.

Engineered, mixed, mastered



Colorsinc is a website that allows everyone to share the same moment.

You and I might visit the same websites, and read the same news, but never do we experience a moment together. Colorsinc changes the solitary experiences we have online to one which is shared. Through experiences like these, the internet feels more like an event, and less like voyeurism. 

Colorsinc uses a synchronous web technology (web sockets) to send a sequence of colors to all visitors at the exact same moment no matter where they are in the world or universe. Mindful togetherness through technology.

Fast CoDESIGN Feature

Suggested use with Websaver.

Created in collaboration with Joseph Yolk.

Ideation, design, creative direction




52 is a metric based workbook for recording the subconscious. 

People interested in such sub-level things sometimes keep a dream journal or notebook by the bedside or in a backpack. The trouble with these is that once the data is recorded, they are rarely used or looked at again. This is because trying to define the subconscious often results in confusing notes, scribbles, and fragments of meaning.

52 is different. It’s metric-based. You select numbers on an emotion scale from 1 to 5. The emotion metrics are based on book two of Aristotle’s Rhetoric, wherein he defines the range of human emotions. The long view of this project is that you will have one year's worth of data that you can use for anything you like. I’m using it with a friend to draw a waveform for a dream-data based audio performance, but the practical use is only limited by your imagination. : )

The logo was inspired by what a graph of your data might look like.

Convenient size for your bedside or backpack (4.3” x 6”).

Ideation, design, production


New America

An extension of the rebranding we did for New America was also a refresh of all of their office and presentation materials. I worked with a few sign makers in D.C. to create all of the presentation collateral and glass backdrop they use in their press room. Worked with New America to implement their new brand into the redesign of their offices in D.C.

I once saw Hillary Clinton standing in front of and using some presentation materials I created. Cool moment.

Production, implementation


Fast Company

Created this teaser for Fast Company, to celebrate the creation of their new channel, CoLabs. Worked with motion artist Joe Donaldson to create this video that Fast Company unveiled at SXSW.

Music composition & producing, VO, PM


Cassette Club


When Sophie came up with the idea for Cassette Club, I loved it. I had to be a part of it. Cassette Club is in response to our obsession with digital files, digital lives, and commodities that are pre-manufactured. Here, we spend hours making and sharing mixtapes for a curated group of people. Handmade tapes, handmade artwork, and hand delivered by a postal carrier. For this project we designed a simple workmark that riffed off the dimensions of a cassette tape, with the shape of a person's shoulders and head carving out the negative space of the "C." The simple treatment allows the handmade nature of the tape and artwork to be forefront. 

Identity, design, and creative strategy.




West-Eastern Divan Orchestra

The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra is a youth orchestra based in Seville, Spain, consisting of musicians from countries in the Middle East, of Egyptian, Iranian, Israeli, Jordanian, Lebanese, Palestinian, Syrian and Spanish background. The orchestra was brought together by Philosopher Edward Said and Conductor Daniel Barenboim.

During this project, I conducted extensive research into the history of music, art, the middle east, Andalucia and it's role. We conducted interviews with WWII survivors, historians, musicians, and philanthropists.

Research, brand book PM and production


Sword House - The Yarn

This was the first EP I recorded as my solo project Sword House. Using a pop framework with darker sonic textures and lyrical content, the two are juxtaposed nicely. Straightforward but at times sweeping I was able to capture the playful innocence of something new.

Performance, production, music, engineering



In Winter 2014 I began a year long project that would end with a larger, redesigned studio for the Simple.Honest.Work. team. As our team expanded, our needs expanded, and we enjoyed opening our studio to the community through public events and Desktime. We needed a larger and more functional studio to accommodate our growing needs. The result is a 3500 sq.ft studio with 4 private rooms, 24 custom designed and built desks, a second kitchen, 3-tone tanagram puzzle flooring (we really put the construction crew through hell with this one), two new bathrooms, a conference room, make space, fibonacci doors, and giant projector screen.

We finished just in time to host 250 people to Printer's Ball with Chip Kidd and Tim Fite.

PM, design, creation



Zee is changing personal aviation "In the heart of Silicon Valley, at the intersection of aerodynamics, autonomy, and electric propulsion."

During this identity project I provided extensive research into the history and trajectory of transportation - from balloons to spaceflight, aviation, futurist theory - from the typical to the fantastical, and interviews. We truly believe(d) that Zee Aero is at the forefront of groundbreaking work in the field of personal aviation.



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